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About us

The internship program is designed in 3 phases. The phases will include soft skills training, mentorship & shadowing as well as educational tasks, followed by a presentation to be delivered by the intern once the internship is complete.

Phase 1: Onboarding

During this week, you are asked to complete 5 online courses. These courses are meant to prepare you for the internship itself, and give you the tools and understanding of the job description as well as what they need to perform it optimally

Phase 2: Mentorship & Shadowing

Mentoring is an essential part of our efforts to foster and guide young talent, for that, the 2nd week of the program will involve one-on-one "shadowing" sessions with department heads to guide you in completing your tasks at the end of week 3

Phase 3: Task Completion & Presentation

During the final week of the program, you are asked to submit your previously assigned task. As a final requirement, you will present on your learning experiences & recommendations to the organization


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